Boat: FRP is a new shipbuilding material and an important part of modern material revolution. FRP has not been used in shipbuilding for a long time, but it has shown its strong vitality and broad development prospects. FRP ships include not only small boats, such as fishing boats, yachts, high-speed passenger ships, business boats, traffic boats, speedboats, lifeboats, painted boats, sailboats, sports boats, minesweepers, etc., but also glass boats with a length of more than 50 meters may be developed.

FRP ship It is characterized by light weight and high strength, which has great potential to reduce weight, and is suitable for high-performance ships and rowing boats with limited weight; it is more suitable for use than traditional shipbuilding materials due to its corrosion resistance and resistance to aquatic organisms; it is non-magnetic, so it is the best structural and functional material for Minesweeper and minehunting boat; it has good dielectric and microwave penetration, suitable for military ships; it can absorb high energy and has impact toughness Good performance, the ship is not easy to be damaged by collision and extrusion; low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation, suitable for the construction of fire-resistant lifeboats, fishing boats and refrigerated ships; the hull surface can achieve mirror smooth, and can have a variety of colors, especially suitable for the construction of various types of yachts with beautiful appearance; good designability, according to the different requirements of various parts of the ship structure, through material selection, layer research and structure Modeling to achieve optimal design; good integrity, no seams and gaps in the hull, can prevent leakage; simple molding, labor-saving than steel and wood, and good mass production, great potential to reduce cost; convenient maintenance, repair cost is much less than other materials of boats, good economic performance in the whole life cycle.

Relevant recommended materials: Fiberglass core mat, chopped strand mat, woven roving&Combo mat;

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